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Coquette Japan

Women's Blue Ruffles Bikini-Tankini set

Women's Blue Ruffles Bikini-Tankini set

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♡ Summer Shoujo anime aesthetic shades of blue ruffle layered 3-piece bikini set. Comes with a padded top, mini skirt, and bottoms.

Top features a ruffled halter neck and a cute ribbon bow. Both top and skirts’s ribbons have a sparkling glitter on them (see closeup picture)

From Japan. 
Preloved. Normal signs of wear. No major noticeable flaws beside some fading on the buckle (see back photo, white fading) and a faded tag.

Size: Stretchy, JP 9M, recommend for XS/S.
Tag Size say Bust 83cm, Hips 87-95cM

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